Welcome to Don Savile Bespoke, where we extend our ultimate service to provide an exclusive tailoring experience to you. We introduce exceptional and customized bespoke suits, just for you, executed with incomparable finesse and attention to detail.


  • We specialize in producing premium bespoke suits, perfectly tailored for modern gentlemen. Our expert team has their hands on carving bespoke custom suits for you, the way you like it!
  • Explore our remarkable collection of bespoke men’s suits, where every article is carefully fashioned to your exact measurements and preferences

Bespoke suit

Let’s polish your dressing with our bespoke tailored suits that match your unique persona and style.


As a cornerstone of Savile philosophy, we understand that every client has his own sense of style and dressing preferences. In line with this principle, Don Savile sends you a dedicated personal tailor to take measurements and note down every detail of your envisioned Savile bespoke suit.

Our bespoke suit tailors offer valuable recommendations, guiding you from fabric selection to style choices, buttons, lapels, and linings. We breathe life into your bespoke suiting, focusing on every muted detail that distinguishes your bespoke suit as unmistakably Don Savile.


Don Savile is home to a wide-ranging archive, featuring up to 10,000 high-quality fabrics, including many from our signature collection.

This wealth of precious fabric entails light cashmere, exceptionally fine cotton and premium silk, available in numerous colors and patterns. Upgrade your wardrobe with our prime range of bespoke suits, meticulously created to your taste.


At Don Savile, we guarantee that your bespoke suit reflects your individual personality, from the initial consultation to the final fitting.

Whether you’re searching for the best bespoke suits in NYC or seeking a bespoke suit tailor in NYC to design your dream outfit, Don Savile is your trusted partner.

From business suits to wedding attire, formal wear to casual dressing, our range of services cover every taste and occasion. Also, you can now book a slot for your bespoke suit online.


At Don Savile, we offer exquisite bespoke suit artisanship in cities across the United States. This includes bespoke suit Chicago, bespoke suit Los Angeles, bespoke suit Dallas, and bespoke suits Boston. As well as, we cover bespoke suit San Francisco, bespoke suits Los Angeles, and bespoke suits Washington DC. We ensure that our clients in every metropolis, from bespoke suit Dallas to bespoke suit New York, can enjoy the epitome of tailored ingenuity.


At Don Savile, we strive to maintain competitive pricing while producing one of the best bespoke suits in town. Our collection of mens bespoke suits matches your distinctive flair, offering options from affordable bespoke suits to bespoke luxury suites.

It’s time to enjoy the classic tradition of owning Savile Row bespoke suits with our range of stylish bespoke suits for men. Discover the difference of Don Savile bespoke suiting and upgrade your style wardrobe today!


Your personalized experience begins with a first appointment with a Don Savile Bespoke ambassador. He will curate your preferences and arrange a personal bespoke suit tailor who will fly to you, anywhere in the world.

Our master tailors will extend the full bespoke experience to you, in the comfort of your own living room. Your personal tailor will then take your measurements according to your body dimensions, down to the millimetre.

Crafting a Don Savile bespoke suit typically requires 3 to 4 weeks before it is ready to be dispatched.


Let’s make your special day truly memorable with our meticulously designed bespoke wedding suits. Our bespoke mens suits perfectly coincide with the modern groom philosophy, and every article is a testament to ultimate sophistication.
From classic tuxedos to contemporary three-piece ensembles, Don Savile has a range of styles to suit your natural inclination.
We take great care to make every minute detail of your bespoke suit stand out. With premium fabrics and expert artisanship, your wedding outfit will make you look at your finest on your special day.


Capture your attention in the boardroom with our distinguished bespoke business suits that compliment your physique. Made to fit your frame flawlessly, every Savile suit radiates professionalism and boldness.
Our premium business suits will help you leave a lasting impression while closing deals or during official meetings. Our bespoke custom suits showcase ultimate style and comfort due to ultimate tailoring and premium handwoven fabrics.
Upgrade your professional image and look your best in any business setting.


Want to enjoy effortless sophistication? With Don Savile’s curated collection of bespoke casual wear, you can refine your everyday looks with comfort and class. From tailored chinos to lightweight blazers, each design is created with a nod to Hong Kong’s stylish nonchalance.
You can experience relaxed refinement with our range of casual shirts, designed to enjoy comfort without compromising on style. Whether you’re hanging out with friends for brunch or attending family events, our bespoke tailored suits coincide with every occasion.
Give your everyday wardrobe an upgrade with finely tailored luxury articles, designed to amplify your sense of style. With Don Savile, pulling off a casually elegant presence has never been easier.


Take up the spotlight with our ultimate bespoke formal suits. Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or an official dinner, make a grandiose entrance with our exquisite formal wardrobe.
Every Savile garment strikes a perfect balance of style and comfort. Make a statement in any special occasion with our timeless pieces, and stand out from the crowd with effortless fashion.
It’s time to augment your sense of vogue with Don Savile’s premium bespoke suiting and classic tailoring tradition.

Bespoke SHIRTS

Whether the occasion calls for business or leisure, Don Savile bespoke shirts reinstate supreme elegance and luxurious comfort. Rigorously manufactured from the finest fabrics, adorned with intricate designs and patterns, each shirt is perfect in its own way.
If you have an office meeting or want to spend a night out with friends, Savile shirts are the perfect pick. With a vast selection of colors and cuts, you can easily choose the perfect shirt to match your dressing epitome.


It is time you get yourself a Savile Suit and make a classic fashion statement at every occasion. A Savile Row Bespoke Suit will make you radiate confidence and come off as the best version of your appearance and overall personality.
From classic patterns to present-day styles, our luxury bespoke suit series offer a variety of options to match every pick. Whether you like a conventional two-piece suit or a more modern three-part suit, our expert tailors will work with you to introduce a look that’s uniquely yours.
Our expert bespoke suit tailors, with rich knowledge and broad tailoring background, understand the intricacies of fine stitching. They take pride in creating garments that fit just perfectly on any body type. A Savile Row Bespoke Suit is not just a clothing piece, rather it’s a manifesto of confidence and individuality.
Our master tailors have given away their lives to the pursuit of perfection and excellence. This long standing tradition has passed down through generations, and is reflected in every stitch of your bespoke suit.
Manifest Confidence and Forge Your Legacy, Fashioned by Don Savile

ARE ALTERATIONS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE BESPOKE SUITS?Yes, alterations are included in the final price of your bespoke suit. We want your outfit to fit you according to your exact measurements, therefore we offer complimentary alterations.

WHAT DO I SELECT FABRICS FOR MY BESPOKE SUIT?Based on your preferences, we will walk you over 10,000 different fabrics and you can shortlist the one you like. Our team will guide you through our vast collection and advise you to carefully select the fabric according to its suitability with your bespoke suit.

DO YOU CHARGE ANY ADDITIONAL FEE FOR RUSH ORDERS?Whether or not there are any additional charges for rush orders depends on various aspects like the type and size of the order. In most cases, we try to accommodate our clients’ timelines and requirements without adding any additional fee to the bill.

ARE THERE ANY GROUP DISCOUNTS FOR WEDDING PARTIES?We offer group discounts for special occasions like weddings or official events. Our team will thoroughly discuss with you and help you select a package that fulfils your budget.

HOW IS THE PRICING OF BESPOKE CUSTOM SUITS DIFFERENT FROM OFF-THE-RACK OPTIONS?Bespoke luxury suites have a premium price and the charges are relatively higher than off the rack options. Because the hand sewers require a sophisticated level of skill and attention. It demands a higher level of precision, that exceeds the aspects of mass-produced, off-the-rack articles.

ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS TO THE CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR BESPOKE SUITS?We entertain all types of customizations as per the client’s request. Every aspect of your bespoke suit can be customized according to your exact specifications via virtual means. You can select the fabric you like, choose your style and decide on special details like button placement, lapel shape, and pocket designs.