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Sunny, our master tailor, is a well known name in the tailoring industry. He has been servicing clients in the US, particularly in New York, Chicago and Detroit over the past decade. His reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service has earned him a loyal following in the region. Sunny brings 3 decades of experience in the industry and goes…


“Sunny has been my personal tailor for the past 7 years and on every single occasion he has exceeded my expectations. The pricing, styling, stitching, presentation – everything is top notch. Above all, Sunny is a fantastic guy who loves taking care of his customers and will go to lengths to make sure they are fully satisfied”

David Runyan


I received my suit and absolutely love it. I’m really happy with my order and can’t wait for your next trip to Detroit

Jason Johns

Sunny is my go to guy over the past several years. Everytime he is in town I make sure you upgrade my wardrobe

David Clarke

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