Business Suits

Don Savile  specializes in crafting custom business suits tailored to make lasting first impressions. An impeccably crafted business suit stands as a crucial component within any professional gentleman’s wardrobe, signifying not just competence and refinement but also an embodiment of individual style.

Our team of adept tailors comprehends the rigorous demands that daily wear and frequent travel place upon work attire. With a keen understanding of these challenges, we offer informed recommendations regarding an extensive array of fabrics. These encompass options that prioritize breathability, resistance to wrinkles, lightweight comfort, and medium-weight versatility. Irrespective of the rigors of your workday, we guarantee that your appearance will consistently exude excellence.

Key highlights of our offerings:

  • Choose from an extensive selection of thousands of fabrics.
  • Business Suits commence at a price of $650 for a two-piece ensemble.
  • The meticulous suit construction process spans an average duration of 3-4 weeks.
  • Convenient online booking is available for consultations in various cities around the world
  • Our seasoned tailors will expertly shepherd you through each phase of the customization journey.

Embark on the journey by scheduling a consultation with us in your city.