Formal Wear

Formal attire encompasses a range of elegant outfits such as dinner suits, morning suits, and white tie ensembles. Whenever an event requires such refined dressing, it’s important to select an outfit that reflects thoughtful consideration and offers advantages to the wearer.

At Don Savile, we recognize that the elegance of these styles highlights the significance of precise tailoring. We ensure that each formal garment we create pays homage to its traditional origins while incorporating modern updates.

Benefiting from their extensive expertise, our dedicated tailors are available to provide recommendations and assist you in navigating the intricacies and requirements of your unique bespoke formalwear requests.

  • We present a wide array of timeless fabrics for your selection.
  • Our collection includes items ranging from understated dress shirts to complete formal ensembles.
  • Our proficient tailors possess extensive knowledge in the realm of formalwear.
  • The construction of each garment typically takes an average of 3-4 weeks